35+ Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Promote Your Music Online (E-Book)

35+ Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Promote Your Music Online (E-Book)

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Over 40k songs are being uploaded to spotify each day..

Talented rappers are giving up daily because they don't see any new streams, listeners and fans..

Do you know the two biggest reasons why rapper give up?

1) they are not patient enough

2) they do not invest any money or time into actually promoting their stuff

Working together with the biggest brands and reaching hundreds of thousands of people as "kahshka" I came to the realization that there's no better opportunity than to step into online-marketing.

I don't know why so many artists are against promoting their music, they feel like its not "real" or "cheating" yet it can change your life and skyrocket your career.

90% of rappers do not invest a single dollar into ads or promotion and wonder why nobody listens to their music altough music marketing can be so simple, effective and affordable.

In the e-book you will learn the best 35+ ways to make people talk about you and gain a massive amount of streams, fans and followers without breaking the bank.

It's a collection of my own failures & experiences, observations and major label techniques.

Your time is now and this is your chance to cut through the noise of millions of rappers.